About The Band

Time Horizon is based in Northern California and is musically influenced by several symphonic progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Toto, Pink Floyd, Styx, Saga, UK and Brand X.

The band originated with the meeting of Ralph Otteson (keyboards/background vocals) and Bruce Gaetke (lead vocals/drums). After working together on a project for a few weeks the two decided to form a new band. With new members Dave Dickerson (lead/rhythm guitar) and Steve Gourley (bass guitar), they began writing original music.

Along the journey, members have changed but the mission remains constant. Energized with members Allen White (bass guitar) and Dave Miller (lead/rhythm guitar/keyboards), Time Horizon is again pleased to announce additions of David Bradley Mau (front man/lead vocals/keyboards) and Michael Gregory (lead/rhythm guitar/background vocals).

In 2011, Time Horizon released their debut CD “Living Water.” The CD melds together stylized lyrics of faith, as well as refined symphonic music and instrumentals, to bring together the positive inspired sound of Time Horizon. With standout tracks like “Life Fantastic,” the music of Time Horizon will appeal to a broad range of music lovers.

Time Horizon’s second CD, released under Melodic Revolutions Records, titled “Transitions” was mixed by Billy Sherwood of the band Yes.
The album is named Transitions because it is a transitional album conveying “from what was, into what can be.” The band’s desire was to use Transitions to make an impact on the world with a positive message of hope, peace and the revelation of what our purpose in this life is truly about.

Now with the addition of our new members, the third CD “Power of Three” has been release as of 2.22.2022.
This, being the third album put forth by Time Horizon, is an evolution of our message going forward.

David Bradley Mau

David Bradley Mau

Lead Vocals / Support Keyboards

Dave’s love of music started as a young child, lucky enough to have parents that loved music. Accompanying his parents to free concerts in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, to see the likes of Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Country Joe & The Fish. What a Start. This led to many years of making music and touring with various bands.

David has been singing & playing around this country for over 20 years. This bluesy, power vocalist has been described as, “emotional connective, with lyrics of love, hope, and reflection.” Then…. I was reborn with a new passion – Christ.

Now concentrating on songwriting and music production for television & movies, including a placement in the 2015 release of “Badge Of Faith”. After the tremendous reaction to his 1st faith-based CD (2013), “Tears Of Love”, (over 1800 sold) and video, David is finishing songs for his next CD, and leading Worship for San Andreas Community Covenant Church that is reaching out and is helping local community needs. David has recently worked with Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer Kenny Lamb on a compilation CD entitled “Song Driven Christian Vol. 1, on which he has 2 cuts. Kenny has written songs and worked with some of the industry’s most successful Pop, Rock, Gospel, and Country artists. His guidance and advice has been invaluable.

I have been blessed with all that the Lord has put before me. It is my mission to bring HIS word to all that can hear! God and his works are filling me with more than I could ever imagine. Truly, my inspiration!!

Ralph Otteson

Ralph Otteson

Keyboards / Piano / Organ / Background Vocals

Ralph Otteson was born into a musical family. His father played in post-WWII big bands and 50’s cool jazz ensembles as a trumpet, flugal horn and bass trumpet player. Although brass horns were his dad’s main instruments, he would often sound out chords and study harmonies on the family spinet piano. Ralph’s father passed away while he was still young. Ralph’s uncle was Professor of Music at NDSU and his cousins are session players. His younger brother followed their father’s love of brass instruments as a trombonist. His older sister learned to sing and play the acoustic guitar and write songs. His other sister was involved in the music business end of things and worked for radio, television and recording studios. All of these family members influenced Ralph’s involvement of music in some way or another. Ralph moved to piano because his father’s small spinet was in the living room and although his mother could not afford lessons, at 17 he taught himself to play. He sold his car to buy a used Fender Rhodes Stage-73. Later adding a Moog Prodigy monophonic lead synth (a poor man’s Minimoog) and learning about subtractive synthesis. String machines were next and a multi-keyboard setup became the norm.

Ralph wrote music and played cover tunes in bands with friends as a senior in high school and loved the progressive sound of the 70’s. He loved the music of ELP, Yes, Kansas, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Toto. These keyboard players were all formally classically trained and since Ralph had been self-taught late in life, his limited technical ability forced him to simplify this type of music out of necessity. It is apparent in the music he writes which has a more basic rock sound than the virtuoso technically lavished keyboard writing you are used to hearing in Progressive rock. Maybe that can be a good thing!

While studying Graphic Arts at a junior college, Ralph gave his life to Jesus Christ, started going to church and studying the Bible. His growing Christian faith began to change his life and Christ became the focus for his music, as well. He played piano for worship at the church he attended, but his passion for writing songs and love of prog music was still very much a part of him. With other friends from church, he was back writing and performing Christian rock songs in 1983 with the Bay Area based band One-Eighty.

One-Eighty started primarily as a music ministry for prisons, juvenile hall and other correctional facilities. Along with playing at churches, Ralph left college and took work in the roofing and construction trades to support himself while the band played concerts and wrote more music. He began recording demos of the band on a small 4-track tape machine. By 1985 his setup was an OB-8X analog, DX7, Juno60 and Yamaha CS analog synth, and yes, he still used the Moog and string machine, as the lead singer also played keys.

It caught the attention of Maranatha Records, and in 1986, the band released a 4-song EP entitled “One-Eighty.” It was produced by Kenneth Nash and One-Eighty. Ralph knew God had put in him the desire to be a multi-keyboard player and to also continue learning and working in the recording environment. Using session drummers, the band went into the Oakland studio again in 1988 and released another 10-song LP. He added an S-50 sampler and D-50 digital synth to his sonic palette. A few of the songs from the band’s new 1989 album “Turning Point” were being played on college and local commercial radio stations across the nation. One-Eighty opened concerts for 80’s and 90’s Christian rock bands such as “Allies” and touring and playing the nightclub circuits in support of the latest release. In 1990, Ralph went back to junior college and finished another degree in electronics. Recording was his passion so he purchased an 8-track tape machine and recording console to produce the band’s 1991 demos for the next studio album release. Finally, when the latest drummer left the band and after 10 years, the band decided to call it quits, so demos never made it to a finished release.

Ralph’s musical pursuits took a back seat to work in the field of electronics engineering to support his growing family. He ended up selling most of the keyboards and other gear to raise money for a house, but his love of music remained. Ralph and his wife, Kathy, relocated to the Central Valley of California to raise their family and he eventually found other local musicians, one of which was David Dickerson. David and Ralph formed a band called Iron Clay Poets that played in local churches and other venues. By then, Ralph had moved to multi-track ADAT machines to record the fourth album with Iron Clay Poets. That project ended up needing the assistance of Bruce Gaetke to help mix it down on computer. Two of the members from Iron Clay Poets left the band and so the album was recorded mixed and mastered, but never released, much to the regret of Ralph and David. Ralph started doing session work for other artists projects and later, Bruce expressed he wanted to play the music and so the three of them decided to write an album together. During that time, Ralph went back to school and finished another degree in the Recording Arts. He changed from tape-based to hard disk recording and upgraded his studio. He worked with Bruce at their respective home studios and David worked at his home studio. The first song “Life Fantastic” was released as part of a compilation CD called “CPR3” with other Christian prog artists and was produced by Randy George of Ajalon and of the Neal Morse band.

Ralph creates a sound of symphonic old-school prog with analog synth leads, lush pads, rock piano and growling B3 organ tones. His symphonic prog influenced sound and use of odd time signatures still has a melodic approach and commercial appeal to it. The fifth studio album displays those musical elements in the debut album for Time Horizon. Time Horizon completed the album “Living Water” with the hopes that proceeds can help provide clean water for the rural poor around the world. Ralph is looking forward to the challenge of playing out the new album and upgrading his studio again for writing of more projects. He loves being a father to his now high school kids and husband to his wife of 22 years. Ralph’s son, David, is following in the family tradition, playing drums in a Christian hard-core metal band and his daughter is studying guitar and piano for worship music. Ralph strives to be available to be used by God, wherever He leads.

Name: Ralph Otteson

Chabot College: Graphic Arts studies, A.A. Electronics and Computer Technology

Los Medanos College: 2 year certificate achievement in Recording Arts

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Fictional Book: The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Alien, The Matrix, Young Frankenstein

Favorite Food: Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese

Favorite Quote: “God reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists.” ~ Albert Einstein

Bruce Gaetke

Bruce Gaetke

Drums / Percussion / Lead & Background Vocal

I was born on October 19, 1958 along with my twin brother, Brian in Northern California. We were exposed to music virtually all of our lives. From my  Grandparents playing dixieland Jazz to my Mother singing Gospel music for Word Records, we were constantly surrounded by music.

While living in Southern California, my Cousin, John Friesen , of the band “Player” encouraged me to take some lessons and practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!!!!”

At the age of 14, I picked up my first real drum set.  Sadly, later that same year my father passed away from cancer.  It was a difficult time.  However,  my music became a refuge and a place of peace during a time of deep sorrow.

One day, a high school buddy took me  down to the local Tower Records store. I came across an album titled “Song for America” by Kansas.  I had never heard anything like it before and I played the thing until the vinyl wore out. So, like any hardcore fan, I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE. I was hooked!

All of a sudden my eyes, uh EARS were open to a totally different kind of music. PROGRESSIVE ROCK. ELP, Yes, King Crimson, Kansas, I ate the stuff up. It was a fantastic time to be a musician. Progressive Rock had taken hold and I wasn’t letting go. I did the typical top-40 dance bands gigs to help make a living. But deep down inside I couldn’t shake the progressive rock bug.

In May of 1980, Some events happened in my life that required me to take a deep look inside.  I was feeling lost and needing a change in my life.  A friend told me about Jesus Christ.  After some searching and thought, I accepted Christ in my life and I never looked back.

Later in the Summer of 1982, I was asked to step in for a band whose drummer had quit. It was his first real taste of serious touring. That woke me up!!!  I had no idea how much time and energy it took to “hit-the-road.” It was brutal, exhausting and downright maddening, but it was one of the most exciting things I had ever done.

Now getting to this band Time horizon! Ralph Otteson the keyboardist, approached me to help mix an album he had just finished tracking.  During the project, we became fast friends and soon found ourselves forming said band, Time Horizon.

The other two original members were David Dickerson on Guitar and Steve Gourley on Bass.  With the original members we recorded the first CD “Living Water”.

“There have been some changes in the band since the beginning. David Dickerson has gone on to pursue a different musical direction in his life. Sadly, two years ago, Steve Gourley while working for human rights with World Vision in Cambodia suddenly passed away. We miss you Steve.

Dave Miller replaced David Dickerson on Guitar, and Allen White has assumed the position of Bass Guitarist.   During this time, “Transitions” our second CD was produced.

Now we have David Bradley Mau on Lead Vocals and Michael Gregory on Lead Guitar.  With this six man team we have recorded our latest album, “Power Of Three”.

It’s amazing how wonderful music can be when the Creator is in the midst of it all.  The Lord has blessed me with a great group of brothers who are like minded Spiritually and musically.  What else could I hope for.  Thank you Lord!


Name: Bruce Gordon Gaetke “Bruski”

College: Delta College, Heald Technical College

Major: Computer Science / Computer Networking

Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue

Favorite Book: The Bible (New International Version)

Favorite Fictional Book: The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

Favorite Movies: Apollo 13 and Avatar (both have great special effects)

Favorite Food: Mexican and Indian.

Favorite Quote: “You were made by God, and for God,

Allen White

Allen White

Electric & Acoustic Bass

Allen White was born and raised in Hayward, California and In retirement has moved to West Salem Ohio. He started playing Bass in the fourth grade by default. One day he came home from school to have his dad meet him and tell him he would not be learning to play the trumpet as he had hoped. His dad told him the school was giving him two other choices: violin and double bass….but Dad had already made the choice for Allen and it was double bass. Allen wasn’t sure what the double bass was at the time but he figured it had to be better than violin, since only the girls were learning violin! So he learned how to play the double bass, also known as an upright bass, playing the upright in orchestra and band and later picking up an electric to play in jazz band. He played all the way through school, with even a short stint in junior college.

Allen accepted Christ his freshman year in high school. “I felt like something was missing in my life and the only thing that has ever made any sense is yielding my life to the Creator of all that is and allowing Him to shape and direct my life in the way that would most glorify Him.” He started playing in Christian bands in high school. Then in 1983, he joined a band called One-Eighty where he met Ralph Otteson, Time Horizons’ keyboard player, and played with One-Eighty for the next 10 years. After One-Eighty split up, he put the bass down for several years and concentrated on raising his children and furthering his education so he could change professions and provide for his family. After a few years Allen felt God drawing him back to the bass, so he started playing at church in the worship band and played primarily in worship for about six years.

Allen and Ralph had always made an effort to keep in touch over the years and very soon after he had started playing again, Allen was asked to come down and jam with a band that Ralph was putting together with Bruce Gaetke. This band was to become Time Horizon. He jammed with them once, but at the time didn’t feel he was ready, having not played for about five years and just starting back up he was a bit rusty. After several years, Allen was asked again to come out and play with them because their bass player had left the band. This time he felt it was something that God was leading him to do, so he jumped in.

Name: Allen White

Musical influences: Chicago, Tower of Power, Kansas, Toto, Saga, Adam Nitti or any music with awesome bass

Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite Movies: Brave Heart and The Patriot

Favorite Food: Seafood, but if I hungry most any will do!

Favorite Quotes: “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” C.S Lewis

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” C.S Lewis

Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Dave Miller has been involved in music for most of his life. He started at an early age playing piano, but discovered you were really cool if you played guitar. With that, he was “lead ukulele player” in his first band, and not long after, graduated to an old Silvertone acoustic guitar.

The defining moment in the start of Dave’s music career was listening to a recording of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock playing the Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze. He was floored. Dave would come home from school, open all the windows, and play those two songs full blast on his father’s mammoth stereo system.

“I would play those two tracks over and over. I assumed the whole world wanted to feel the same exhilaration that I did when listening to them. I later learned the neighbors were not quite as passionate. I knew that it was more than just wanting to play Jimi’s music. I HAD to. It was an expression of my emotion, as well. It still gives me chills, even now.”

As life progressed, Dave’s passion for music began to encompass many different styles. Led Zeppelin was a huge influence as was Mountain, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, just to name a few! Then came progressive rock. Genesis, ELO, Kansas, Styx, and Yes added to the amalgamation forming the palate of creativity. As Dave’s guitar playing technique progressed, artists that became staples for Dave were the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Michael Schenker, Steve Morse, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmstein, Randy Rhodes, the list could go on for miles! Later music that Dave played turned toward instrumental rock and metal and leaned toward the most crushing heavy metal you could play. What Dave also discovered was that most people didn’t have his taste in music. Most people loved hearing acoustic guitar. Dave formed a trio and was hired to play for dinner groups, small clubs and parties, church functions, and weddings, as well as funerals. Later, Dave studied with world-class guitarist Tommy McClendon. Atomik Tommy M. provided an in-depth study of music, theory, and the technique required to advance farther onto a professional platform.

In recent years, Dave has been playing in bands that are either contemporary Christian for worship services and church outreaches or bands focused in more heavy rock and metal styles. For over 10 years, he played electric and acoustic guitar for Won By One, the worship band at his church. His interest has also taken him into a production setting where Dave worked with many professional acts that toured the country. Dave built stages, assembled huge concert sound systems, lighting rigs, and did video production for a broad spectrum of artists. Some of the bands were Lynyrd Skynyrd, REO Speed Wagon, ZZ Top, Dwight Yoakum, Peter Frampton, and Glenn Campbell.

Dave’s passion for teaching developed while instructing a few teens. He noticed that he was able to help their interest in playing guitar become a passion in learning about music. As they did so, their interest in drinking, drugs, and delinquency, was slowly replaced with a desire to spend more time practicing the guitar and increasing their skill level. With that positive influence came a change in the kids’ behavior. Today, all of Dave’s time is spent either teaching guitar to a broad variety of students or coaching young teens on how to start a band. He was instrumental in starting a new chapter of the national non-profit Guitars Not Guns program in the local area he resides in. Dave is currently the Vice President of Guitars not Guns in San Joaquin County. This program helps deserving kids earn a guitar of their own as well as provide instruction for all the basic skills needed to learn to play. Sponsors help provide the resources necessary to purchase guitars and lesson materials for the classes.

In early 2011, Dave received a call from Bruce Gaetke, drummer and lead vocalist at the time for Time Horizon, inviting him to audition for lead guitarist after the previous guitarist moved on to other projects. Dave’s previous experience had covered playing pretty much every genre of music…except progressive rock. “After listening to the amazing music written by Time Horizon and sitting in on a practice session, I was intrigued, challenged and hooked! But it wasn’t just the music. It was also the integrity, professionalism and spiritual maturity of the Time Horizon members that drew me in.”

In his “spare time,” Dave enjoys traveling with his wife, playing with their two cats, attending concerts, oh and playing and practicing guitar!

Name: Dave Miller

College: California State University, Sacramento – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Favorite Colors: Blue and Red

Favorite Non-Fiction Books: 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, and Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

Favorite Instructional Book: The Bible

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Quote: “Love one woman, many guitars.”

Favorite Artist: Zakk Wylde

Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory

Electric Lead & Acoustic Guitar

Michael Gregory has toured/recorded with multiple #1 artists in several genres including SWV,

Eric Benet, Roger Smith, Wayman Tisdale, Robert Brookins, Brent Bourgeois, Jo Dee

Messina, Steve Holy and The Osmond Brothers.

TV appearances include Tonight Show, David Letterman, Today, and the Grand Ole Opry.

He has played on hundreds of artist CDs, TV show themes and national TV & radio ad campaigns.

He returned to his hometown of Sacramento in 2018 after 20 years in Nashville and in addition to Time Horizon, he can also be found onstage with Tower of Power keyboardist, Roger Smith, CCSeger tribute band, The Sky Kings, Aaron Gayden Band, Quinn Hedges and Ctrl Alt Delete.

Name: Duh

College: Tennessee State University

Major: Health Information Management

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Book: The Mystery of Creation by Watchman Née

Favorite Fictional Book: Don’t care for fiction

Favorite Movies: A Hard Day’s Night

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Quote: “Politics is a pendulum whose inevitable swings to the left and right are fueled by perpetually rejuvenated illusions.” – Albert Einstein