About The Band

Time Horizon is based in Northern California and is musically influenced by several symphonic progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Toto, Pink Floyd, Styx, Saga, UK and Brand X.

The band originated with the meeting of Ralph Otteson (keyboards/background vocals) and Bruce Gaetke (lead vocals/drums). After working together on a project for a few weeks the two decided to form a new band. With new members Dave Dickerson (lead/rhythm guitar) and Steve Gourley (bass guitar), they began writing original music.

Along the journey, members have changed but the mission remains constant. Energized with members Allen White (bass guitar) and Dave Miller (lead/rhythm guitar/keyboards), Time Horizon is again pleased to announce additions of David Bradley Mau (front man/lead vocals/keyboards) and Michael Gregory (lead/rhythm guitar/background vocals).

In 2011, Time Horizon released their debut CD “Living Water.” The CD melds together stylized lyrics of faith, as well as refined symphonic music and instrumentals, to bring together the positive inspired sound of Time Horizon. With standout tracks like “Life Fantastic,” the music of Time Horizon will appeal to a broad range of music lovers.

Time Horizon’s second CD, released under Melodic Revolutions Records, titled “Transitions” was mixed by Billy Sherwood of the band Yes. The album is named Transitions because it is a transitional album conveying “from what was, into what can be.” The band’s desire was to use Transitions to make an impact on the world with a positive message of hope, peace and the revelation of what our purpose in this life is truly about.

Now with the addition of our new members, the third CD “Power of Three” has been release as of 2.22.2022.  This, being the third album put forth by Time Horizon, is an evolution of our message going forward.

David Bradley Mau

David Bradley Mau

Lead Vocals / Support Keyboards

Dave’s love of music started as a young child, lucky enough to have parents that loved music. Accompanying his parents to free concerts in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, to see the likes of Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Country Joe & The Fish. What a Start. This led to many years of making music and touring with various bands.

David has been singing & playing around this country for over 20 years. This bluesy, power vocalist has been described as, “emotional connective, with lyrics of love, hope, and reflection.” Then…. I was reborn with a new passion – Christ.

Now concentrating on songwriting and music production for television & movies, including a placement in the 2015 release of “Badge Of Faith”. After the tremendous reaction to his 1st faith-based CD (2013), “Tears Of Love”, (over 1800 sold) and video, David is finishing songs for his next CD, and leading Worship for San Andreas Community Covenant Church that is reaching out and is helping local community needs. David has recently worked with Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer Kenny Lamb on a compilation CD entitled “Song Driven Christian Vol. 1, on which he has 2 cuts. Kenny has written songs and worked with some of the industry’s most successful Pop, Rock, Gospel, and Country artists. His guidance and advice has been invaluable.

I have been blessed with all that the Lord has put before me. It is my mission to bring HIS word to all that can hear! God and his works are filling me with more than I could ever imagine. Truly, my inspiration!!

Ralph Otteson

Ralph Otteson

Keyboards / Piano / Organ / Background Vocals

Ralph Otteson was born in Fargo, North Dakota in to a musical family.  Many of his family members are musicians or in the music business. Ralph was denied entry into the school music program at a young age as he was told he had no musical aptitude so instead of playing music he channeled his creative outlets into drawing and building models.

His father passed away when he just turned 12 years old but his father’s spinet piano was kept after his passing and Ralph would pick out melodies and he eventually in his senior year in high school taught himself to play. He played with other friends from high school and after graduating, he decided to study graphic arts as a college major. Ralph’s sister moved back home and was singing in a Christian folk group that would rehearse at his house. He began to explore his relationship to God and a few months later gave his heart to Christ. That decision is still his main focus today. Realizing that his playing in cover bands was not what he wanted to do, he left college to work full time to support himself and to play music for the Lord and volunteered to lead the college group at his church in praise music. Through that, he met other Christian musicians and wanted to find a group where he could write original music based in his influences of Toto, Kansas, Yes, Saga and ELP.  He founded a Christian band called “180 “with co-bandmate Allen White and along with others, they first played in prison ministries and for churches and eventually ended up recording two albums of original Christian rock music that had progrock influence. This music was received well resulting in local FM radio play around the Bay Area as well as college radio around the country. They found themselves now opening shows for popular Christian rock bands, playing in nightclubs around the state as well as churches. Ralph bought recording equipment and recorded demos for a third album but the band disbanded before finishing the album.

Ralph then moved to the Central Valley of California, put his music on hold and concentrated on being a dad and raising kids. Later, he answered an ad for a keyboard player and joined an original band called Iron Clay Poets. They played concerts of original music and recorded in Ralph’s studio, but again members left for various reasons so it was never released, but in the process, he met the members from the first Time Horizon album and began writing music. Now after the third album released, Ralph continues his musical journey, expressing his faith through creativity in music and trusting that God is leading him all the way.

Bruce Gaetke

Bruce Gaetke

Drums / Percussion / Lead & Background Vocal

Bruce Gaetke was born on October 19, 1958 along with his twin brother, Brian in Lodi, California. They  were exposed to music virtually all of their lives.  From Grandparents playing Dixieland Jazz, to their mother singing Gospel music for Word Records, they were constantly surrounded by music. While living in Southern California, Bruce’s cousin, John Friesen , of the band “Player” saw potential in Bruce, as a drummer, and encouraged him to take drum lessons, and most of all practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!!!!”

In May of 1980, An event took place in Bruce’s life.  He was diagnosed with a rare eye disease known as Pars Planitis, which could potentially take his eyesight.  During this time, a  friend introduced Bruce to Jesus Christ.  After some searching and thought, Bruce accepted Christ in his life and he never looked back.

Now getting to the band Time Horizon! Ralph Otteson, the keyboardist, approached Bruce to help mix an album he had just finished tracking.  During the project, They became fast friends and soon found themselves forming a new band, Time Horizon. The other two original members were David Dickerson on Guitar and Steve Gourley on Bass.  With the original members they recorded the first CD “Living Water”.  Since then, there have been some changes in the band.  David Dickerson and Steve Gourley have been replaced with Dave Miller on Guitar and Allen White as Bass Guitarist.   To round it all out, the band has added David Bradley Mau on Lead Vocals and Michael Gregory on Lead Guitar.  With this six man team, they have produced their latest album, “Power Of Three”

Here’s a quote from Bruce. “It’s amazing how wonderful music can be when the Creator is in the midst of it all.  The Lord has blessed me with a great group of brothers who are like minded Spiritually and musically.  What else could I hope for.  Thank you Lord!”

Allen White

Allen White

Electric & Acoustic Bass

Allen White was born and raised in Hayward, California, he uprooted when he retired to West Salem, Ohio. He started playing bass in the fourth grade. He played upright bass in orchestra/band and later picked up an electric to play in jazz band. He never stopped playing throughout his education, even playing some in junior college.

Allen accepted Christ his freshman year in high school. “I felt like something was missing in my life and the only thing that had ever made any sense was yielding my life to the Creator of all that is and allowing Him to shape and direct my life.” He started playing in Christian bands in high school. In 1983, he joined a band called One-Eighty were met back up Ralph Otteson, (Time Horizons’ keyboard player), who he had played with previously in another band. He played with One-Eighty for the next 10 years. After One-Eighty split up, he put the bass down for several years and concentrated on raising his children. After several years Allen felt God drawing him back to the bass, so he started playing at church in the worship band.

Shortly after Allen had started playing again, Ralph asked Allen to come out and play for Time Horizon, who had recently lost their bass player. Allen has been with Time Horizon ever since.

Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Dave Miller has been involved with music for most of his life. Growing up in Sacramento CA, he started at an early age playing piano, but took a left turn about age 8 when he got his first guitar.  The defining moment in the start of Dave’s music career was listening to a recording of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock playing the Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze. He was floored. As life progressed, Dave’s passion for music began to encompass many different styles.  He went on to perform in a couple of different bands.  Later, Dave studied with world-class guitarist Tommy “Atomik” McClendon who provided an in-depth study of music and the technique required to advance farther onto a professional platform.

His interest has also taken him into a production setting where he worked with many professional acts that toured the country.  Building stages, assembling huge concert sound systems and lighting rigs, and running video for a broad spectrum of artists gave him insight into the inner workings of live productions.

Dave enjoys investing in young people, teaching and coaching kids to learn guitar both in group and individual settings.  He was instrumental in starting a new chapter of the national non-profit Guitars Not Guns program in the local area where he resides, and for several years served on the board.  He also volunteers at a continuation high school, teaching guitar.  Sharing his gift of music as a guitarist in his church band for over 20 years has been a personal blessing, using his love of music to help facilitate worship and bring honor to the One who made it all possible.

In early 2011, Dave received a call from Bruce Gaetke, drummer and lead vocalist at the time for Time Horizon, inviting him to audition after the previous guitarist moved on to other projects. “After listening to the amazing music written by Time Horizon and sitting in on a practice session, I was intrigued, challenged and hooked! But it wasn’t just the music. It was also the integrity, professionalism and spiritual maturity of the Time Horizon members that drew me in.”

Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory

Electric Lead & Acoustic Guitar

Michael was born and raised in Sacramento, California and began playing guitar at the age of 9 upon hearing Jimi Hendrix. He played in the jazz band in high school, where he learned to read music and gained an appreciation for a wider palette of musical styles. His first professional experience came at the age of 14 when he joined the gospel group JOY, fronted by Buck Owens’ cousin, Dale Owens. The band payed gigs every weekend and toured the western half of the US in a motor home. The band also afforded him his first experience in a recording studio, cutting their record with guitarist, Jimmy Baughman, from Merle Haggard’s band.

He began playing clubs and dances in high school, gaining invaluable experience. In his early 20s he began getting calls for studio work, playing on countless recording projects and jingles for local regional and national clients. In 1992 he formed the Michael Gregory Band, which placed a track on the Legato records release, Guitar On The Edge Vol. 1 No. 3, which featured Shane Theriot (Neville Bros, Hall & Oates), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ASIA, Sons of Apollo, Guns & Roses) and Berklee College of Music professor, Jon Finn and Greg Howe. In 1993, the Michael Gregory Band released “Guitarchitecture”, a 5 song EP. From 1996-1998 he taught music classes at Folsom State Prison as a part of the Arts In Corrections program, co-funded by the State of California and the William James Association, once having Rick James in his class. 

From 1998-2018, he toured and recorded out of Nashville, Tennessee. Michael has toured/recorded with multiple #1 artists in several genres including SWV, Eric Benet, Roger Smith, Wayman Tisdale, Robert Brookins, Brent Bourgeois, Larry Tagg, Jo Dee Messina, Steve Holy, and Billy Gilman. TV appearances include Tonight Show, David Letterman, Today Show, CNN and the Grand Ole Opry. He has played on hundreds of artist CDs, TV show themes and national TV & radio ad campaigns. He returned to his hometown of Sacramento in 2018 after 20 years in Nashville and in addition to Time Horizon, he can be found onstage with the Michael Gregory Band, Tower of Power keyboardist, Roger Smith, CCSeger, The Sky Kings, Aaron Gayden Band, Quinn Hedges, The Lando Collective and Ctrl Alt Delete.